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ARGO Institute

Argo is a comprehensive treatment program for adults 18 and up with substance abuse and/or mental health problems. The program has been specifically designed on the latest research utilizing a trauma-informed treatment design. Our therapists work with clients to assist them in gaining independence from alcohol and drugs while building life and interpersonal skills needed for success in adulthood. We integrate harm reduction strategies and 12-step philosophies, while actively treating accompanying psychiatric problems, to provide a holistic treatment experience. We provide psychiatric assessments and ongoing medication management and medication assisted treatment for opioid dependency (Vivitrol). 


Below is the outline of the program's therapeutic components, combined with the hourly frequency of each during the treatment week cycle. Approximate length of stay is listed, although assessment of each individual's problems and progress will ultimately define their length of stay.

Day Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 12:00p.m. to 3:00p.m. in NCC and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. in Sussex County. (Approximate length of stay 6-8 weeks)

Evening Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. in both counties. (Approximate length of stay 6-8 weeks)

Clients are also encouraged to attend outside 12-Step self help groups



  • Rapid Mood Swings (unexplained sadness, anger, or joviality)
  • Irritability (unexplainable, and usually unprovoked)
  • Paranoia (jumpy, oversensitive to sudden noises, unexplained fearfulness)
  • Unpredictable Reactions (verbal or physical outburst)
  • New Friends (you may not meet, old friends are seen less frequently)
  • Less Family Involvement (excuses not to participate in family affairs)


  • Unusually tired or awake for long periods (oversleeping, wide awake when usually was sleeping)
  • Unhealthy look (facial hue is different, puffiness or swelling on face)
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain (may be over short period of time)
  • Dilated or Pinpoint pupils (pupils do not react to dark or light)


  • Problems at work (lateness, leaving early, calling out sick often, poor work performance)
  • Problems in school (lower grades, missing classes, missing assignments, failing classes, disinterest, getting "just enough done")
  • Loss of interest or hobbies (quitting a sport team, dropping out of a club or hobby group)


  • Drinking and driving (does not think driving high on drugs or alcohol is wrong, may have a DUI)
  • Medication is missing (family or friends medications)
  • Items missing around the home (cash, checks, credit cards, small electronics, DVD's)

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