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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Help My Family Member Stop Using Drugs?

Family members and friends support in their loved one's treatment is extremely beneficial to the person suffering from an addiction. Family therapy may be indicated and has been proven to improve a person's success in recovery. Having the family involved has a direct impact on a person's motivation to continue to attend.

What Should I Bring With me to Aquila?

A copy of your adolescent's last physical exam.
A bag lunch and a drink.

What Should I Not Bring to Aquila?

Radios, CD players, or electronic games
Cellular Phones
Tight fitting or short cut clothing, with inappropriate slogans or revealing slumber wear
Medication (illegal, prescription or over the counter)
Lighters or matches
Scissors, knives, razors, sharp objects or weapons or any kind
Metal files, picks, nail clippers
Electronic devices, including cell phones, pagers, iPods, cameras, computers, tape recorders, radios, CDs, DVD's. etc.
Aerosol sprays, spray bottles or canisters (including perfume or body sprays)

If I Have a Problem on a Weekend or Evening, How do I Contact Aquila?

You can call our main number and a live operator will contact one of our on-call therapists to return your call or if you are an established Aquila client you can call our after hour's cell phone. That number is (302) 598-0206.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Treatment length is ultimately determined by the client and the counselor along with following best practices guidelines. Treatment is not as effective long term when there is not and adequate length of stay and without following up with appropriate aftercare for ongoing success.

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